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Eagle's Nest Park

3768 Eagle Rd Slatington Pennsylvania United States 18088

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U5 Field (next to the playground)

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U7 Field (next to the tennis courts)

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U9, U11, U13, and U15 Fields are located at the back and behind the parking lot

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Boys and Girls Soccer Boys and Girls Soccer

Welcome to NLYAA Soccer 

Director:  Mike Bauer - [email protected]


NLYAA soccer is a competitive recreational program.  Our biggest goal is to provide a fun environment for players to learn the beautiful game – while also striving to be as competitive as possible in our League games.

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION -  Please follow registration information.  If you register late, your child MAY miss out on the chance to play soccer.  Registration deadlines are aligned with BMYSL, EPYSA, and USA Soccer.

- Snack Stand 
- Field Maintenance 
- Coaching / Assistant Coaching 


  • NLYAA Fee is now $10/registration. (Lifetime memberships are no longer for sale but will continue to be honored)


  • U5      
    • Parent involvement is more required due to the young ages
    • All activities are at Eagle’s Nest Park
    • Practices are usually once a week
    • Games are played with other U5 Teams within our program
  • U7
    • This is our In-House program
    • Play is 4v4 with a size 3 ball (co-ed)
    • Coaches stay on field & act as the referees
    • No importance to win/losses – we stress development & fun
    • All practices are at Eagle’s Nest Park
    • Practices are usually once a week, with games on the weekend
  • U9 
    • This is the first age group that travels to play other organizations (within the Blue Mountain Youth Soccer League –
    • Home games & practices are at Eagle’s Nest Park
    • Practices are usually once or twice a week, with games on the weekend
    • Play is 7v7 (with a goalkeeper) and a size 4 ball
    • Coaches stay on the sideline and there is a referee
    • Still instructional – no wins/losses are recorded         
  • U11
    • Play is competitive, with scores recorded for standings within the Blue Mountain Youth Soccer League
    • Coaches stay on sideline and there is a referee
    • Play is 9v9 (with a goalkeeper) and a size 4 ball is used
    • Practices are usually twice a week, with games on the weekend
  • U13
    • Play is 11v11 with a size 5 ball
    • Practices are usually twice a week, with games on the weekend


  • Spring practices typically begin sometime in mid - March. Weather plays a huge role in this decision.             


  • All players are required to wear shin guards and soccer cleats
  • Jewelry is not allowed to be worn on the field at any time
  • BMYSL rules require any glasses to be of the shatter-proof safety kind to be worn on the field

1.  Q.  Where are the games played?  A.  During Spring Soccer, NONE of the games are played at home.  U9 games are played in Wilson, U11 Games are played at Plainfield Township Community Park, and U13 & 15 Games are played at a site to be determined.  
2.  Q.  When are practices (my child is involved with other activities)?  A.  Practice dates and times are announced once Registration is completed and we know how many teams we have.   A.  Our organization relies on volunteers so we cannot designate specific practice nights until we know when our coaches are available.  We will try to work with everyone to make practice nights fit everyone's schedule.  We are willing to refund your money if you discover that soccer practice conflicts with other scheduled events.  
3.  Q.  Where are practices?  A.  All practices are held at Eagles Nest Park in Slatington PA.  
4.  Q.  When are games?  A.  Games are typically played on Sunday anytime between 1 and 5 pm.  
5.  Q.  When do games begin and end?  A  Games begin the first weekend in April and end the second weekend of June.  
6.  Q.  How long are games?  A. Approximately 1 hour.  Try to arrive at least 15 minutes early.  
7.  Q.  Where can I find the game schedule?  A.  Game schedules are posted on the BMYSL website.
8.  Q.  Who are the coaches?  A.  We do not know who the coaches are until registration is closed.  
9.  Q.  What happens if it rains?  A. It depends on how hard it is raining and for how long.  If games are cancelled, they are not made up or rescheduled.  
10.  Q.  My child is 8 but wants to play U7 OR My child is 6 but wants to play U5.  Is this permitted?  A.  We strongly recommend your child plays at the appropriate age level.  The pace of play and the field size changes significantly and kids will not be prepared for more competitive soccer if they play below their appropriate age level.  However, we will allow your child to "play down" if that's what you really want.  
11.  Q.  What equipment I need to get started?  A. We recommend comfortable shorts, Soccer socks, Shin guards, Soccer cleats, and Layered tops (eg. t-shirt and a sweatshirt).  
12.  Q. What are soccer cleats?   A. Soccer cleats DO NOT have a single cleat or stud at the front-middle of the shoe.  Soccer cleats cannot be metal.  
13.  Q. Must my child wear shin guards?  A. At the U7 - U15 Levels YES, all players must wear shin guards.  
14.  Q. If is is cold, what do kids wear?  A. Some kids will wear sweatpants and layered tops.  My own children only wear soccer shorts but will wear sweatshirts and layer their tops.  We also recommend purchasing "something" similar to Cold Gear Football Gloves.  They are not bulky and have rubber inserts along the fingers and palms to grip a ball.  


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