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2016 Football Cheer

Welcome to NLYAA 2019 Football Cheerleading!

NLYAA Football Cheer Director- Samantha Boyko (484) 550-5212 - [email protected]
NLYAA Football Cheer Co-Director- Janelle Morales (610) 509- 2395

Registration Information:

Registration will open on April 14,2019 and run through May 31, 2019.  
Late registrations will be taken until June 12, 2019 and will be charged an additional $10 fee per child.

All registrations must be completed online.  Your child must turn 4 years of age and can not be 14 years of age as of September 1, 2019.

Sign up Fees:

  • NLYAA Sport Fee -$10 per child (Lifetime memberships are no longer for sale but will continue to be honored)
  • Football Cheer Sport Fee - $35
  • Registration includes: Camp, and camp participant T-Shirt, spanx/bloomers, crop top, 2 bows, 1 pair of socks. (All cheerleaders will be expected to order the same white sneakers $20-$30 dollar value)
  • For those interested in Competition cheer - there will be an additional $15 fee and will receive an additional Competition bow.  
  • Cheerleaders participating in competition must cheer for the entirety of the football season.
  • Competition cheer will be for 2nd grade and up unless competed in the 2018 season.
  • Visa and MasterCard Gift Cards can be used via the online registration system.
  • There will be a mandatory $50.00 purchase of Lottery Tickets due at the time of registration. (Non-refundable)

August Fundraiser - Pizza:

  • Fundraiser will be from August 1, 2019 through August 31, 2019.
  • Please ensure that you are handing in the orders by the deadline for ordering purposes.
  • The proceeds from these sales provide us the opportunity to give the girls quality camp gear, uniforms (Shells, skirts and crops) as well as bows.  Fundraising also helps with the end of season party hosted by the program for the cheerleaders!


Our annual Basket raffle and bake sale.  

  • This season, we will be bringing back the Homecoming program.  This includes local business sponsors, a parent brag/"shout out page" and also a recognition to graduating 6th grade participants!  (this offer is extended to the football community as well.)


Lottery, Sales start September 1, 2019:
 - all profits from selling lottery tickets is yours to keep.
 - Lottery is based off of the daily 4 night time PA lottery for Saturday and Sunday for the month of October.

- Number on ticket must be posted to the PA lottery website for verification

- Winner receives $100 and will be paid by check and sent to the address provided on the ticket stub

The NLYAA fee for the current season can be refunded if requested by the end of the first week of practice. 

  • Any after 8/9/2019 will not be honored.
  • Fundraising sales cannot be refunded.


Parent Requirements:
Each parent is required to work one shift in the Spirit Stand or 50/50 during a home game.


  • If you fail to show up for your parental duties, your child will not cheer for that game and every game after until your requirements are met. If you fail to meet your duties on the last week of the season, your duties will carry over to the next season

  • A parent or guardian must be present at every practice/game. Practices are considered "closed" and parents must stay in the designated parent area and must not interfere with coaches/athletes. 

This season we are offering open enrollment.  In order to be better aligned with Football, we will be reviewing and assigning athletes the correct age/grade group accordingly.  If you have questions or concerns in regards, please reach out to me.  You will receive an email with Coaches name and information prior to the start of the season.

Itty Bitty Team:

  • The child must turn 4 years old by September 1, 2019
  • The child cannot turn 6 before September 1, 2019
  • Score is not kept
  • First year cheerleaders (within age guidelines) will be on this squad. 
  • Itty Bitty athletes are not eligible for competition cheerleading.

Flag Team:

  • Score is kept
  • 5 year olds (2nd year cheerleaders) will be on this team and will not exceed 8 years old.
  • Flag athletes are not eligible for competition cheerleading.

Junior Varsity (JV) Team - 105 pound team:
- Seasoned 8 year old cheerleaders to 10 years old

Varsity team - 120 pound team:
- Seasoned 11 year old cheerleaders through 13 years of age.
This child cannot be 14 within the 2019 season

Cheerleaders will be fitted for uniform prior to camp. 
Parents must ensure that the child does not stain, tear or otherwise destroy the cheering uniform. Uniform must be cleaned/washed prior to returning them. If uniform is improperly cared for, parents will be financially responsible for the replacement of the uniform. 
Cheerleaders are required to wear the full uniform at games/competitions as well as issued socks, bow and sneakers (unless otherwise told).

• Hair must be up and out of the face, no fingernail polish or acrylic nails can be worn.   Jewelry of any sort (unless medical bracelet) cannot be worn. Hair color is prohibited for competition.

Uniform fittings:
*Excited to announce that we will be getting new uniforms!* 
Fittings for uniforms and sneakers will take place Saturday June 15th from 10AM - 1PM and Wednesday June 19th from 6PM - 8PM. Location is TBD.  Your daughter must attend atleast one of these fittings to be properly sized for the season.  Uniforms/sneakers will be ordered and provided by the first game. 

Practice and Camp will be held in front of the Northern Lehigh Middle School from 6-8:00 pm.
*This may be subject to change due to weather or at coaches discretion.*
• Camp will be held Monday July 29thrd, Tuesday July 30th and Wednesday July 31th for all registered NLYAA cheerleaders.  

• Practices will be every Monday and Wednesday starting August 5th.
 All practices and camp will be closed, watching from afar is accepted.  

*Vacations are an exception, as this will be during summer months. Please discuss with your child's Coach prior to the vacation to inform them of the absence.*  Since there are vacations that do conflict with our practicing schedules, the attendance policy will be followed the week of our FIRST game.  You still must inform your coaches prior to a vacation.  

In order to provide the safest environment for our cheerleaders, it is imperative that a strict attendance policy is as follows:

*This attendance policy applies to practices and games* If your child misses the practice before a game, they will not be able to participate in the half time routine. 

• 1st absence - no consequence
• 2nd absence - written warning
• 3rd absence - loss of mounting privileges
• 4th absence - turn in uniform

Additionally, the squad mothers will be taking attendance during each practice and game. Parents/guardians will be responsible for signing their child in and out at the beginning of every practice and will not be released without a parent or guardian signing them out. 

Cheerleaders Expectations:
Each cheerleader is expected to:
• Come to practices and games with a positive and respectful attitude towards peers, coaches, fans and the opposite team.

• Help and encourage teammates.
• Listen to the coaches
• Take care of uniform by not eating or drinkig anything while in their uniform. (With the exception of water)
• Have hair in a ponytail, no hair color of any sort, no chewing gum, as well as no jewelry and nail polish during games and especially competitions.
• Be a committed and active team member by attending practices and games with a positive attitude.
• Be respectful of the anti-bullying policy. (Parents must sign off on the policy acknowledging both receiving and understanding of the policy.)

Parent Expectations:
• Require your child treat other cheerleaders, players, coaches, fans and officials with respect.

• Drop off and pick up your child in a timely manner and ensuring the are signed in and out. (Cheerleaders are expected to arrive 45 minutes prior to game time)

• Have your child ready for games and practices by wearing proper clothing/uniforms, sneakers, hair in bow, bringing a filled water bottled, clearly labeled with your childs name. There is absolutely to be no gum, hair color, jewelry or nail polish, 
• Support the attendance policy. Additionally, if your child will miss a practice/game, please notify your coach in advance.

• Ensure that your child does not stain, tear or otherwise destory the cheering uniform. Uniform must be cleaned/washed prior to returning them. If uniform is improperly cared for, parents will be financially responsible for uniform.  

• Show up for your mandatory volunteer shift.  
• If there is a complaint, notify the director(s) immediately. Be prepared to be a part of the problem solving process.
• Return uniform (vest and skirt) during the week you are required to.

If you find that Cheerleading is not for your daughter, you are eligible for a refund up until Monday 8/9/19.




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