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Football Cheer

Welcome to NLYAA 2019 Football Cheerleading!

NLYAA Football Cheer Director- Samantha Boyko (484) 550-5212 - [email protected]
NLYAA Football Cheer Co-Director- Janelle Morales (610) 509- 2395

As we venture into our season this year, there will be changes in order to keep everyone safe.  We will keep you all up to date as regulations develop and ask that you be patient as we maneuver in this new world.

Registration Information:
Registration will open on July 6, 2020 and run through August 9th, 2020 and must be completed online.   There will be no exceptions for late registrations.

Sign up Fees:
- NLYAA Sport Fee -$10 per child (Lifetime memberships are no longer for sale but will continue to be honored)
- Football Cheer Sport Fee - $35
Registration includes: Bloomers, Crop top, 1 bow which is yours to keep as well as an end of season gift from the directors.
All cheerleaders will be expected to order the same white sneakers $20-$25 dollar value that you will be able to purchase on your own.  (Print out of shoes will be provided.)
• For those interested in Competition cheer - there will be an additional $15 fee and will receive an additional Competition bow.  There is a separate registration for competition as well.
• Cheerleaders participating in Competition will not be required to cheer for the football season.
• There will be a mandatory $50.00 purchase of Lottery Tickets due at the time of registration. (Non-refundable)

GAME INFORMATION - As we take everyone's safety into consideration during this unprecedented time, we will only be cheering at home games.  As of right now, that may only be 3-4 games.  Only 1 parent per athlete may attend the games.

Fundraisers - 
Lottery, Sales start September 1, 2020: 
$50 mandatory fee at during registration can be recouped by the sales on these lottery numbers.  All profits from selling these numbers are yours to keep.  Each cheerleader will be assigned 10 four digit numbers that you then sell for $5 each.  Lottery is based off of the daily 4 night time PA lottery for SATURDAY and SUNDAY for the month of October. The number that was sold, must be confirmed by the directors utilizing the PA lottery website for verification.  Winner will receive $100 check from NLYAA Cheer.  An address must be provided for the check to be sent to.


If cheerleading is not right for your child, you can request a refund.  Any requests after 8/17/2020 will not be honored.
- Fundraising sales cannot be refunded.

The teams for the 2020 season are as follows:

Grade Pre K and K – Itty Bitty – Will not be offered this season.
Grades 1st & 2nd grade - Flags
Grades 3rd & 4th grade - JV
Grades 5th & 6th grade - Varsity


• Cheerleaders will be fitted for uniform prior to the start of the season. 
• Parents must ensure that the child does not stain, tear or otherwise destroy the cheering uniform. Uniform must be cleaned/washed prior to returning them. If uniform is improperly cared for, parents will be financially responsible for the replacement of the uniform. 
• Cheerleaders are required to wear the full uniform at games/competitions as well as issued socks, bow and sneakers (unless otherwise told).
• Hair must be up and out of the face, no fingernail polish or acrylic nails can be worn.   Jewelry of any sort (unless medical bracelet) cannot be worn. Hair color is prohibited for competition.

Practice will be held in front of the Northern Lehigh Middle School from 6-8:00 pm.

Each child and parent will need to have a mask or face covering when coming to practice and have their temperatures checked.  If parent's are staying, their temperature must be taken as well.  Parents must answer a questionnaire (for both if applicable) before the child can practice. 
Each child will be required to have their own mask, a labeled water bottle, and to bring their own pocket sized hand sanitizer.

Practice locations may change depending on weather, availability and at the coach’s discretion.

• Practices will be every Monday and Wednesday starting August 10th.. UPDATE EFFECTIVE 8/8, PRACTICES WILL BE POSTPONED TO START WEDNESDAY AUGUST 12TH. 
• We will be having closed practices.  Parent's are not required to stay.  If you do decide to stay, you are heavily encouraged to practice social distancing and wearing a mask when you do not.   

Cheerleaders Expectations:

Each cheerleader is expected to:
• Come to practices and games with a positive and respectful attitude towards peers, coaches, fans and the opposite team.
• Help and encourage teammates.
• Listen to the coaches
• Take care of uniform by not eating or drinking anything while in their uniform. (With the exception of water)
• Have hair in a ponytail, no hair color of any sort, no chewing gum, as well as no jewelry and nail polish during games and especially competitions.
• Be a committed and active team member by attending practices and games with a positive attitude.
• Be respectful of the anti-bullying policy. 

Parent Expectations:
Parents are required to sign and uphold the parent code of conduct as well as the health guidelines provided at the start of the season.  You will be expected to uphold

Require your child treat other cheerleaders, players, coaches, fans and officials with respect.
• Drop off and pick up your child in a timely manner and ensuring the are signed in and out. (Cheerleaders are expected to arrive 25 minutes prior to game time and wait outside of the fence)
• Have your child ready for games and practices by wearing proper clothing/uniforms, sneakers, hair in bow, bringing a filled water bottled, clearly labeled with your childs name. There is absolutely to be no gum, hair color, jewelry or nail polish, 
• Support the attendance policy. Additionally, if your child will miss a practice/game, please notify your coach in advance.
• Ensure that your child does not stain, tear or otherwise destroy the cheering uniform. Uniform must be cleaned/washed prior to returning them. If uniform is improperly cared for, parents will be financially responsible for uniform.
• If there is an issue, please bring to the attention of the coach.  If you feel as though the issue was not resolved, please notify immediately.  Be prepared to be a part of the problem-solving process.
• Return uniform (vest and skirt) during the week you are required to.

Return to play procedures:

You will be provided a copy of this at the first practice and are expected to sign and return to each coach.  This is something you have already agreed to during sign ups.

Northern Lehigh Youth Athletic Association Cheerleading Return to Play Procedures


The purpose of this document is to offer parents, players, coaches, and any volunteers associated with the NLYAA the procedures that will be implemented in order to participate in Football Cheer and Competition Cheer for the NLYAA for the Fall 2020 Season.  The following steps are intended to reduce the potential spread of COVID – 19 or any other communicable disease. 


1.      All Cheerleading Participants will receive an email copy of the NLYAA Return to Play Guidelines. 

2.      All Cheerleading Participants will receive an email copy of the NLYAA Covid Liability Form.  In order for players to participate, parents must:

a.      Print a copy of the Liability Form for each child

b.      Identify the player on the Form

c.       Sign the Form

d.      Return the Form to the NLYAA Cheerleading Director, Samantha Boyko

3.      Each Coach will be given a Touchless Forehead Thermometer to check the temperature of all players prior to practice.

4.      Prior to each practice, coaches will:

a.      Ask the participating player if he/she feels sick. 

b.      Remove any ill players from practice and contact parents immediately.

c.       Take the temperature of each player upon arrival. 

d.      Sanitize all mats

e.      Remind players to practice physical and social distancing procedures including but not limited to not sharing drinks or equipment, maintaining 6 feet of distance whenever possible, and using hand sanitizer frequently.  

5.      Parents are asked to wait in their vehicles in the parking lot. 

6.      Parents should remind players to avoid public areas like parks before and after practice.   

7.      All coaches will use masks or face coverings as much as possible.

8.      All bathrooms will be locked during practices.  

9.  In the event that any player comes into contact with someone with COVID-19, the player is required to stay away from cheerleading for 2 weeks. 

10.  In the event that any player, parent, sibling, or live-in relative is diagnosed with COVID-19, the parent must notify the team’s Head Coach immediately. 

10.  Please remember that full or partial refunds may not be issued in the event that the season is stopped for any reason once the season has started. 

Competitive Cheer is allowed in the green phase and includes stunting.  Since it is part of the sport and a safety concern, stunting will be practiced.  However, stunting will be a minimal amount (approx. 15 min) of practice.  Girls will have to wear masks, sanitize before and after stunting and will remain in the same groups.  The mats will be sanitized before and after each squad use. 


2020 Cheer Season FAQ

The purpose of this FAQ is to streamline questions that have been asked regarding the 2020 season.    

Q - Since the games decreased this season, why was the registration fee not decreased? 

A - registration fee breakdown is as follows:



MANDATORY FUNDRAISER - $50 (which you can make back.)


Overall fee for cheerleading is the lowest throughout the valley and surrounding area.

 • Athletes receive at least (1) cheer bow, bloomers and crop top that they then get to keep as they cannot be reused the following season. 

 • the above costs, as well as costs we will face with the purchasing of at least (3) handheld, no contact temperature readers, masks, cleaning supplies and additional sanitizer, there will be pulls from the previous year’s budget to compensate due to the lack of fundraising including pizza sales, 50/50 raffle, spirit stand and basket raffle/bake sale during homecoming. 

*There was inquiry on why, after the money made on our successful competition, we can't use that money to offset the sign-up price this season. The reason is that when the comp program was started, we were required to make it its own program with its own budget, fundraisers and finances. So even though the two are linked in participation it is not linked in funds. *

Q - Why only home games this season?

A - Due to the uncertainty of how the season will pan out with the pandemic, home games were thought to be the best option as you are guaranteed to see your child participate. If there is traveling involved, it is uncertain if you would be able to spectate. 

Q - When are masks required?

A - When a parent and athlete attend practices/games prior to being temperature checked. The athlete may remove once on the field of practice/game. Parents may stay for practice but must practice social distancing and wear a mask or be asked to leave. There are rules and policies that we must abide by while utilizing school grounds or we forfeit permission. 

Q - Can additional parents/family members attend games? 

A - Due to policies within NLSD, there is allowed 1 parent to 1 child all of which must practice social distancing and wearing of masks.  

Q – What will the competition season look like?

A – Competition is still being discussed.  Everything from extending the season, to having it virtually.  We will keep you all in the loop in regards to the outcome. 

Q - Due to the pandemic, will refunds be issued during the season in the event of cancellation? 

A - No, partial or full refunds are not guaranteed. A season without the pandemic, we can provide a refund (for NLYAA and Cheer fee only) after the first week of practices. This is to ensure all necessary uniform equipment is ordered to be delivered in a timely manner. If the season were to be cancelled week 3 or beyond, all necessary equipment has already been purchased. 



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